Recommended 6 Webcam Applications For Laptops

Recommended 6 Webcam Applications For Laptops

The existence of current technological developments, of course, makes almost all laptops have a webcam feature. Besides being used for online meetings, the device can also be used for selfies or video recording. However, this webcam feature still has limitations, so there are several webcam applications for laptops as complementary features.
Laptop users can download this webcam application easily and can be done alone. Here are some recommendations for webcam applications that can be used on laptops:

1. YouCam

YouCam is one of the first apps to be recommended. This application has many features such as there are more than 200 effects that can be used. In addition to effects, YouCam also has features such as Panorama and HDR. Laptop users can also use the YouCam app to record videos.
Users can use the free trial version when they first download this application. Furthermore, if laptop users feel suitable with the YouCam application, they can purchase this application for $34.99.

2. ManyCam

The second webcam application for laptops is ManyCam, which is quite popular among students and college students. This application has quite interesting features because there are various tools in the form of stickers that laptop users can use. Manycam can also be used to record videos. By recording video using this application, laptop users can choose a variety of resolutions from 240p, 480p, HD, to Full HD.

3. Logitech Capture

This webcam application is intended for laptop users who want to make reviews or tutorials. Logitech Capture has a special feature that can record like using two webcams. Logitech Capture has various features such as various filters, changing the brightness level in videos or photos, to providing watermarks and text overlays.

4. Free Screencast

A webcam application that can also be used as a tutorial is Free Screencast. This application besides being able to be used to record video also features various audio formats. Laptop users can choose the video format according to their needs and desires. Free Screencast provides video formats in the form of MKV, WMV, MP4, and others. In addition, for photos there are formats in the form of BMP and JPG.

5. Webcammax

Webcammax is a webcam application for laptops that is also equipped with features with various effects. To record video, users can add effects such as emoticons.
In addition to features in the form of effects, Webcammax also has a feature that can add videos, text, flashes in the videos that users have taken. Webcammax can also be used as a virtual webcam.

6. SplitCam

Splitcam is a webcam application that can be used as streaming in several applications such as Skype, Youtube, LiveStream and others. Apart from being used as streaming, SplitCam also has various features that are no less interesting. The features provided by SplitCam are Realistic 3D Masks, with this feature laptop users can record themselves without having to show their real faces.
The various features and application variants provided by this webcam application also have differences in quality. However, the highlight of laptop users can easily download it yourself. Of course, laptop users must also be smart to choose a trustworthy link to download.
That’s a review of some webcam applications for laptops that can be downloaded. Laptop users can choose according to their needs such as for online meetings, streaming, or just for photos and recording videos. The webcam application provided also has various variations ranging from free to paid.

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