7 Advantages of the Lightroom Photo Editing Application, Must Try!

For photography enthusiasts, editing photos using applications is commonplace. But now photo editing can be done on a smartphone or tablet by downloading some of the applications provided from the Google Play Store. There are many applications provided but there is one application that is quite often downloaded, namely Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom photo editing application is the right choice for photo editing.

Lightroom itself was initially not widely known and used by many people. Its use, which requires high accuracy and patience, is the reason why this application was rarely used in the past. But nowadays quite a lot of people have started using it because Lightroom can help to organize and edit a large number of photos. Here are some of the advantages of Lightroom:

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1. Supports RAW Format

For photographers taking photos with RAW format is highly recommended. Because the RAW format captures photos produced from the camera sensor. However, some other applications do not support RAW format, so you have to edit photos via PC. Meanwhile, with the Lightroom photo editing application, photographers can edit photos by simply touching a finger on the phone screen.

2. Provides Complete Editing Features

You could say, Lightroom has complete features for editing. Starting from standard editing, lighting settings, contrast, highlights, and more with available presets. There are several preset options that you can use for free editing. But unfortunately there are some preset features that must be upgraded to paid.

3. Quick Access to Photo Files

Many photographers complain about how long it takes to open photo files simultaneously in one application. But Lightroom has its own advantages in connecting and opening photo files. So, it is quite easy for photographers to open and search for the photos they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

4. Creating and Saving Presets

There are times when when editing photos, photographers find a suitable and suitable preset. Lightroom with its advantages is able to save the preset results that have been made. Later, in the future, when you want to use the same preset, you can open a preset that has been saved. Users do not need to edit again.

5. Has a Web Sharing Feature

With this feature, users can make it easier to share and invite others to see the photo edits that have been done. Even though other people can see the photos, photographers can still make changes and they will be automatically saved safely. Unfortunately this feature includes paid and must be a member.

6. Has Undo and History Features

In editing photos, it is not uncommon for errors to occur in the editing process. Lightroom can save all the history that has previously been done. That way, simply by pressing undo, it can return to the desired step. This is of course without changing the original photo.

7. Has Cloud Sync Feature

This feature is one of the advantages that cannot be found in other applications. Photos saved and edited via the cloud can be accessed via other devices. For example editing on a PC, then transferring via mobile or tablet and uploading it to social media. This can be easily done because the feature works to save and back up all edits automatically.
Some of the advantages above can be taken into account when using the Lightroom photo editing application. Although there are some features that must be used for a fee, they do not reduce the usability and quality of Lightroom itself. If you want to try it, simply by downloading the application on the Google Play Store.

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